SkinPep Brightening Enzyme & Acid Peel – The Review

Happy Friday, Internet! It’s the end of the working week and what better way to celebrate than with a cheeky little review. Today I’ll be reviewing the SkinPep Brightening Enzyme & Acid Peel that I got sent in my September GlossyBox.


The above photo is of two sachets of the SkinPep Brightening Enzyme & Acid Peel and one sachet of Dark Circle Eraser Growth Factor Eye Cream. For the purposes of this review I’ll only be discussing the face peel.

These sachets might not look like much, but there’s actually quite a lot of product in them. It does say one application per sachet, but I’ve been able to get two applications, partly because I don’t like lots of the gel on my face. The smell is not fantastic, but it’s certainly not off-putting. It’s just not something to write home about. Advance warning: this stings when applied on your face. It stung a surprising amount, but I suppose it’s to be expected as it contains AHA’s, glycolic acid and lactic acid. However, the stinging abated after approximately 20-30 seconds.

When you apply the gel to your (slightly damp) face, you work it in gently for around 1-2 minutes in circular movements, then you can leave it on for about another 5 minutes for a deeper peel if you so desire. You then simply add a little water to re-hydrate the mask and wash off.

I chose to leave the gel on for about 5 minutes, as I wanted a deep peel. I was slightly apprehensive when it came to washing it off, as I was worried that the stinging I’d initially felt would mean that my skin would be tight and dry. Turns out that I had nothing to worry about, my skin felt remarkably soft, to the point where I couldn’t stop stroking my face!

As I mentioned, I got two applications out of one sachet and plan to get another two applications from the remaining one. With skincare, it’s difficult to give a very detailed review with only 4 applications, but due to the cost of the gel I won’t be purchasing a full-size bottle (the largest size, 180ml, retails at £89.99). However, I was extremely pleased with the results from my two applications and expect the same results from the next two. This is possibly not the peel for you if you have quite sensitive skin (although everyone’s skin is different), but while this is a pricey product, it does deliver incredibly soft skin with what was, for me, a noticeable “glow”.

Did you get this gel in your GlossyBox? Do you already own it, or are thinking of getting it? Let us know what you think!

– R


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